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Hi! I’m Jamie - growth seeker, story changer and believer that we all have gifts inside us that are just waiting to be unleashed on the world! 

from checking boxes to health crisis…

There was a time when I thought that checking all the boxes and playing it safe was the key to happiness. But by the age of 35, I felt stifled in my career as a teacher, worried I wasn’t being a good enough mom and overcome with exhaustion and overwhelm. 

It took a serious health crisis for me to finally get brave enough to stop letting life happen to me and start creating the life I desired. 

During the hardest days of my life, I found the strength and clarity to restore my health and tune into what I really wanted out of life for myself and my family.

being the best version of me…

The absolute keys to my success were sustained habit change, daily mindset work and connecting to what lights me up: helping others (and myself) grow and be the best version of themselves they can be.

Nowadays, as a certified life and health coach, I get to help working moms crush their goals by getting clear on what really lights them up and making purposeful choices every day to support the life they want.

if you…. 

  • are overwhelmed

  • feel like there’s nothing left of you at the end of the day

  • secretly dream of a different career or an easier life 

  • feel like a hamster wheel

  • are coping by binging on food, Netflix, social media or anything that distracts you from how you really feel

  • feel disconnected from what really matters to you

  • feel you’ve lost parts of yourself

I am here to help you explore what’s possible, to support your health and lifestyle goals and help you design the story of your dreams through habit change, mindset work and self-love.

When you’re ready to finally make positive changes in your life, let’s chat!

During your free 40 minute Discovery Call with me, I’ll walk you through a process to help you gain clarity on your goals and what’s really holding you back.


a few more things about me…

  • My favorite people are: my husband, Louis, and our two teenage daughters.

  • My perfect day includes: time to think and dream, a cup of coffee (or two), inspiring conversations and laughing with my family.

  • Something that always makes me smile: old videos of my girls when they were little (I could listen to their cute little voices and stare at their baby cheeks all day long).

  • First thing I do every morning: drink 16 oz lemon water and/or celery juice (but cleaning the juicer isn’t my favorite)

  • Two personality tests & results that have helped me not only understand myself better but also understand others better: Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages (my top two are quality time & words of affirmation) and Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies (I’m a Rebel).

education & certifications

  • Certified Health & Life Coach, Health Coach Institute

  • M.Ed. Educational Technology, Lesley University

  • B.S. Business Education, University of Idaho

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